Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Have an anniversary coming up and you don’t know what to get her? Here you will find gift ideas to inspire not only what to get her, but what to do to celebrate your anniversary. Hope you enjoy our list of Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her.

1. Candles

Cook her your favorite meal together, and kick up the romance a few notches with these candles. It might sound cliche, but if a candlelit dinner is not the norm, she will definitely adore this.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerAnniversary Gift Ideas For Her

2. Hello Dolly

You know that chick-flick that she loves and you just….don’t? I bet her jaw would drop if you bought it for her and included watching it together in your anniversary festivities.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerAnniversary Gift Ideas For Her

3. Traveler’s Choice Freedom II Luggage Set

If you know you’re going away on an anniversary trip, tell her where you’re going but surprise her with pretty new luggage. Every girl loves to travel in style.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

4. Purple Dendrobium Orchid Bouquet – With Vase

No, it’s not boring to give her flowers. In fact, if done right, it’s one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary. Try sending them to her her at work, so she can show them off, or give them to her with a note of your favorite memory together since your last anniversary. Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerBe sure to select a not-your-every-day-supermarket-bouquet to send her…. uniqueness is key.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerAnniversary Gift Ideas For Her

5. Suits “You Just Got Litt Up” Mugs

Have a favorite TV show you watch together? Get her a gift that will show her you value spending that time together, basking in junkie TV with her and rooting for your favorite characters.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

6. “Unbroken” Audio CD

Have a road trip planned for your anniversary? Do some research before hand, and find out what book she’s been meaning to read. Buy it in Audio CD format and enjoy the drive!

Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerAnniversary Gift Ideas For Her

7. Elle Decor Magazine Subscription

What is she interested in? Interior Design, Fashion, Cooking? Look around for the best rated magazine covering one of her favorite passions, and order her a year subscription. Let her know you want to celebrate being together for another year by celebrating her. Happy wife (or girlfriend) equals happy life, right?

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

If she’s into photography, or just likes taking pictures, this will be a treasure to her. Take this camera along to document all your anniversary celebrations and later, make a collage from the trip and frame it. Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

9. Dogeared “Pearls of Love” Necklace

This is a simple and elegant everyday necklace that she can wear often; a constant reminder of how much you love her. Each Dogeared piece of jewelry comes with a sweet message that lends special meaning behind the design. This one, designed around “Love”, is the perfect gift for her on this anniversary.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For HerAnniversary Gift Ideas For Her

10. Dymo Label Maker

This gift can be put to practical use long after the romantic treasure hunt you plan for her (hint hint). Print out labels and place them in common household areas (fridge handle, closet door, near a light switch) with clues leading her to discover your anniversary gift (like the Dogeared necklace above?).

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This article authored by: Hanalei