The Best House Warming Gifts

When you have friends or family move to a new address, it’s only natural to want to gift them something to celebrate. Here are some pretty and practical gifts that will help them feel right at home. Hope you enjoy our list of The Best House Warming Gifts.

1. “Smile A Little Today” Oil on Canvas

Best House Warming Gifts

Give them flowers they can keep forever. Good art is always appreciated, and at $60, this small painting will surely find a spot in their new home.

2. 30 Box Supply Value Pack


Instead of a house warming gift, get them a house parting one while they’re moving! Everyone needs boxes…and a helping hand.

3. K & H Pet Bed

Best House Warming Gifts

If your friends have a pet or two, how about getting their four legged friend a new comfy bed for their new home? This bed comes in three color varieties.

4. The Container Store Gift Card

Best House Warming Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are ones we let others choose for themselves. A gift card to stores like The Container Store will be much appreciated when organizing their new space.

5. iOttie Phone Holder

Best House Warming Gifts

It might be hard for your friends to find their new home. So give them a little something to help them along the way.

6. Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

Best House Warming Gifts

Help them get a jump start on organizing their kitchen, especially if their new place will be tight on space.

7. Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf

Best House Warming Gifts

With a gift that helps them organize their kitchen cabinets, they’ll feel right at home in no time.

8. Artisan Carved Leaf Motif Vase

Best House Warming Gifts

Trim a few roses from your garden and place them in a beautiful vase like this one. It will brighten their home and add to their decor, even without flowers in them.

9. Saffron Crocus Bulbs

Best House Warming Gifts

If their new place has room for a flower bed, opt for bringing them bulbs of a flower they’d like, instead of a bouquet of flowers that will only last a week.

10. Kwikset Entry Knob and Deadbolt

Best House Warming Gifts

They will feel safe in their new home with this house warming gift! Find out what color metals they have in their house and surprise them with new locks to match.

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This article authored by: Hanalei