Top 10 Ice Bucket Challenge Gift Ideas for Participants

Since someone you know or even nominate may soon be participating in the ice bucket challenge, make sure they’re prepared! Here’s our list of the top 10 ice bucket challenge gift ideas for participants.

1. Bucket

Works great for holding and pouring stuff.

2. Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid

If you’ve got the extra paper get them an ice bucket they can really appreciate. The Double wall traps in the cold to maintain a precise temperature while the flip lid ensures no ice escapes prematurely.

3. Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Trays

The premier ice cube trays on the market right now. Brilliantly engineered so that a simple twist will unlock all the cubes, making it easy to fill that bucket.

4. Ice Ball Mold

The ice bucket challenge doesn’t require the ice to be cubed. Why not do try the challenge with huge, dense balls of ice instead? Doesn’t hurt to try…

5. Butt/Face Towel

You wouldn’t want them to accidentally dry off their face and their rump with the same part of the towel!

6. Sony HXR-MC2000N Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder

I think we’ve seen enough grainy, poor-quality ice bucket videos. Help them capture this special moment with full raster 1920 x 1080i AVCHD high definition, and do it for only $1,400!

7. Camera and Phone tripod

If you don’t get them the shoulder mount camera above, they’ll need a tripod to keep the recording device completely still.

8. Gatorade 5 Gallon Cooler

What football fan hasn’t always dreamed of getting the gatorade cooler dumped on them. Now’s their chance!

9. Yellow Safety Hard Hat

Considering the many not-so-successful ice bucket challenge attempts…

10. Donate in their name to ALS

Let’s not forget the real reason behind the ice bucket challenge!

ALS Donation Gift


Stay tuned for future gift ideas posted regularly to our gift idea blog, and please feel free to use our free reverse gift registry service at Hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Ice Bucket Challenge Gift Ideas for Participants!