Top 15 Gift ideas for Guys

Top 15 Gift ideas for GuysBecause guys can be tough to shop for, and YOU need ideas, we compiled a list of over 15 top gift ideas for guys.

1. I-phone Case and Card-holder

Because most guys only need their phone, driver’s licence, and credit card- this makes for a useful and convenient gift he’ll love. The Hex iphone case is available for the iphone 4, 5, and 5S.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

Here is a helpful review posted by; however, it is a little cheaper if you order it on Amazon:

2. Classy Bamboo Shelving

A place to put or hide all of his accessories and gadgets. He is going to drop them somewhere, might as well dress that place up a little- everybody wins!

Top Gift ideas for Guys

3. Portable Gas Grill

Obviously this would be great for a guy who loves camping, but it is also a great gift for someone who is in a transient state of life- moving in and out of apartments every few months; in between college terms, internships, or whatever else. An all around great gift idea!

Top Gift ideas for Guys

Here is a short youtube ad if you are interested in getting a closer look at the portable grill featured on amazon:


4. Barbeque Case and Tools

This is a very classy and affordable gift for a man who likes to grill. Everything he could possibly need is right there, in one place. The case also makes it easy to pack and go if you are planning on grilling anywhere other than your backyard. This 18 piece set is definitely a gift he will use.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

5. Compact Travel Shaver

The guy who is on the go, would very much appreciate a compact shaver that he can pack easily in a travel bag or store in the glove box of his car.

 Top Gift ideas for Guys

6. Razor Pit Sharpener

Do you know how much razor blades cost? Three times as much as the actual razor! While a MACH 3 razor at Walmart may cost $8.97, it’s razor blade filler pack costs $24.97, and they don’t last nearly as long as you’d hope. Any alternative way to lengthening the lifespan of his razor blade will be well received by the man you’re shopping for.

 Top Gift ideas for Guys

7. Ipad Foosball

Have you seen this before? A unique and very cool gift that your Giftee will want to show off and use regularly. If the guy has an Ipad- this gift works!

Top Gift ideas for Guys

If you are interested, check out an independent review of the Ipad Foosball to learn more:

8. Duo Pinball for the Ipad

We know, life just got a little tougher because you now have to choose between the Ipad Foosball and Pinball devices; but based on the reviews, I don’t think you can go wrong. If the guy you are shopping for has any knack for the arcade at all- the Duo Pinball is a perfect gift!

Top Gift ideas for Guys

For an unbiased review of the Duo pinball check out this video:

9. Doorway Pull-Up Bar

For an active guy, or a guy who wants to be more active, this is a great gift idea because not only are pull-ups extremely effective for building and strengthening muscle, but this doorway pull-up bar is incredibly easy to put up and take down (you don’t have to screw anything into the wall or door frame, it simply rests on the top of the door frame without scratching or marking the walls). We included a link to the entire gym set which includes push-up handles and a jump rope, but you can buy the pull-up bar separately on Amazon as well.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

10. The Golfer Grill Master

For the man who loves his golf and his grill, this is a very creative and fun gift idea. Most women even find it cute enough to leave out on the kitchen counter with the rest of their utensils.

 Top Gift ideas for Guys

11. Home Plate Doormat

This is a fun gift for a man who loves baseball. If it doesn’t sit well at the front door, it can still be appreciated right outside the Man Cave (Den, Home Office), or even just outside the tool shed doors.


12. Personal Water Filter Straw

This is really cool gift idea for the backpacking or camping man. It is such an easy way to safely filter water without a bunch of added chemicals or annoying extra parts.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

13. The Odd Job Multi-tool

Even though the man you know should have tools, he doesn’t; but if he did, he probably wouldn’t use the majority of them anyway. Why not simplify everybody’s life and just get him the Odd Job Multi-tool that will do just fine for all of the necessary fixes and assembly that come your way.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

14. “Man Up!”

Check out the summary on amazon, but this is a very appropriate book for the modern man. “From career to relationships and grooming to gaming and more, it is the guys’ ultimate man-ual for living.” “It in includes 367 classic skills necessary for the modern man.”

Top Gift ideas for Guys

15. A Smart Phone Mount for His Bicycle or Motorcycle

Whether the man is a manual or motor biker, this is a very useful gift idea. He can use it for a hands-free GPS, to tell the time, or simply realize when you are calling so that he can pull over and call you back. If he doesn’t bike, you could look into a hands-free cell phone device for his car.

Top Gift ideas for Guys

Above and Beyond the Top 15 Gift ideas for Men Listed Above- Here are a Few More:


“101 Things Every Man Should Know How to do”

This thin read can be found on, and is a super inexpensive and funny gift idea for any guy. A solid bathroom read that will result in much appreciated entertainment.


Man Crates offers incredibly manly “gift baskets” in crates. You can choose from the carnivore crate to the retro gamer and so on. There might be similar services out there you can search for, but a man crate is a very fun gift idea for the man you are shopping for.


The Man Hanger

Found on is a hand-bent hanger, made from construction-site rebar. This very manly hanger will motivate even the manliest of men to hang up their clothes. Definitely more on the humorous side, but a very unique and creative gift idea for men.


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