Top Tech Gift Ideas

With technology being a part of almost every aspect of life, here are a few new gadgets that are sure to delight just about everyone – even Scrooge. Here’s our list of the top tech gifts ideas.

1. 3D Printing Pen

top tech gifts well gifted Yes, you read right.  A pen that prints as it writes!

2. iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Top Tech Gifts for 2014 Vacuums are already expensive. You may as well buy one that can vacuum on it’s own :)

3. Parrot Minidrome Rolling Spider Quadcopter

Parrot Minidrome Rolling Spider Quadcopter This smartphone controlled quadcopter will roll around the ground, then up walls and onto the ceiling!

4. Soundpeats QCY Qy7 Bluetooth Headphones

Top Tech Gifts for 2014 Get rid of the cord! Bluetooth headphones that maintain sound quality but don’t break the bank.

5. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Top Tech Gifts Ideas for 2014 The Roku 3 will take you into the new generation of television.

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Top Tech Gifts for 2014 Vast improvement from its predecessor. Powerful as a tablet and a laptop.

7. Solar Chargeable Flexi-lamp

Charge your lamp anywhere there’s sunshine, and have light for hours.

8. Ivation Portable Rechargeable HDMI Projector

Top Tech Gifts for 2014 Extremely portable, compatible with most devices, and great for movies, presentations, photo sharing and more!

9. Hold Tight Utility Case

well gifted Run around town with this case, and everything else you need (I.D., cash) tucked into the back of this stretchy weave.

10. Acer FT200HQL bmjj Full HD Touchscreen Monitor

Top Tech Gifts for 2014 Beautiful display with the ability to control via touch

11.  Powerup 2.0 Paper Airplane Kit

tech-powerupairplane With an added power pack, this paper airplane it sure to soar every time!

12. Power Knife

 well gifted power knife brunton The modern-day swiss army knife, packed with cords for USB and USB mini, Apple’s older charger and their latest Lightening charger.

13. Instax Share Smartphone Printer

top tech gifts well gifted This portable printer by Fujifilm connects wirelessly with your smartphone so you can take pictures and print them, all on-the-go.

14. Projection Clock

well gifted braun projecting clock With Braun’s Projecting Clock, you can set to the time to be projecting straight to your ceiling or wall, either continuously or via motion sensor.

15. Mophie Space Pack

top tech gifts well gifted The Mophie does three things: charges your iPhone 6, is a protective case, and allows you to back up memory through Mophie’s free app. What more could you ask for?

This article authored by: Hanalei Stay tuned for future gift ideas posted regularly to our gift idea blog, and please feel free to use our free reverse gift registry at Hope you enjoyed our list of top tech gift ideas!