Very Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Funny Fathers day Gift ideas

Because you and your father have a sense of humor, we compiled a list of over 20 very funny Father’s Day gift ideas that will get your dad rolling!

1. Potty Putter Golf

If he loves golf and spends an inordinate amount of time in the restroom, you know he’ll use it.


2. Worlds Okayest Dad Mug

This will make him laugh out loud. Who gives their dad the World’s Okayest Dad Mug… you do!


3. The Man the Myth the Legend

He’ll chuckle, but then he’ll try it on. Perfect for any dad who secretly or un-secretly wants to be the man, the myth, the legend. It also works great for anyone’s grandpa- because Grandpa should be celebrated on Father’s Day too!


4. Fill up a Tin of Crap

But seriously, just put whatever you made yourself, fun toys or gifts you picked up at the dollar store, or even a gift you already got him and use the tin for presentation to ensure a laugh.


5. A lousy T-shirt

How often do you get your dad a lousy t-shirt? This Father’s Day save yourself some time and order him a lousy T-shirt you both can laugh at and appreciate.  The shirt says the following: “I Fed Them. I Clothed Them. I Wiped Their Butts and All I Got Was This Lousy Father’s Day Shirt.”


6. Butt Face Towel and Soap

Too funny! Your Dad and everyone watching him open this gift will give you Kudos. If you have ever shared a bar of soap, you are probably wondering why you don’t already have one of these bars in your shower.


7. Toilet Fishing Set

This will make your fisherman father laugh out loud. Even if your dad doesn’t fish, if you share the same toilet, you’ll probably end up using it.


8. Eat Like a Man Cookbook

A manly cookbook is just funny, but he’ll use it and you’ll benefit!

9. $100 Dollar Money Toilet paper

Funny gift idea that is surprisingly inexpensive :)


10. Man Medals

Reward him for good behavior! Maybe you can write a note in your father’s Day card explaining how you think he should be acknowledged for his many accomplishments and then give the medal options you choose to your mom to give to him throughout the next few months! Another funny idea would be to create a man points board to give to him on Father’s Day.


11. New Father or “Father-to-be” T-shirt

Game over! He will be sure to laugh at this shirt along with everyone else as he wears it out and about.


12. The Gun Kooler

For the Father who frequently drinks his soda or beer and loves his guns. This gift will only get funnier in time as you catch him using it.


13. Giant Inflatable Donut Pool Float

Does your Dad like to hang out around the pool? He will get a kick out of this. Definitely an “all for fun” gift.


14. The NO button

Saying No gets even better. Perfect for answering his kids or even bringing to work. There are other buttons that have other explicits available on Amazon too.


15. Knock knock Note Pads

This will get his point across, lighten the mood, and avoid confrontation. The note pads work around the house, but can you imagine your dad’s co-worker’s reactions if he used them at work?


16. Golf Pens

If he loves golf and has an office space,  your dad will let out a slight chuckle but then be super excited on the inside to place them on his desk.


17. Desktop punching ball

If work is stressful for your dad- this gift will crack a smile.


18. Guns Don’t Kill People- Dads with pretty Daughters Kill People T-shirt

Perfect for the over-protective dad with daughters. The funny thing is that he will wear it with pride. Note of caution: if your dad still has girls in the house because he will wear this shirt when their boyfriends come over.


19. Manly Mug

What man doesn’t want a super manly mug? Address his manliness on Father’s day.


20. A Manly Bulge Money Clip

The wording will make anyone burst out with laughter, and your dad will never get enough of it. If he doesn’t use money clips, he is soon to start.


21. ManHands Bacon-Scented Hand Soap

MMMmmmm… bacon. Almost guaranteed that you won’t have to remind him to wash his hands so much.


We hope this helps get the gift ideas flowing for Father’s Day. Stay tuned for future Gift ideas posted regularly to our gift idea blog, and please feel free to use our free reverse gift list service at